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Who We Are

Eastport – Shipbroking & Consultancy Singapore

Eastport has been established since 1980, and we have become a leading global shipbroking and consultancy company that provides a wide range of services to a large and diverse clientele across the globe.

With our headquarters in Singapore and offices in all major shipping centres in the world, we are able to serve an array of industries such as Liquid & Gas Chemical, Vegetable Oil & Biofuel, Crude Oil & Petroleum Product and Dry Bulk.


We commit our people, expertise, knowledge and ideas to help our clients and the shipping communities we serve to grow.

  • Advise

    ​We hear out companies on their shipping needs, advise them on solution options while helping them manage their costs & risks​ to meet their shipping objectives.

  • Transact

    ​​We help our clients to transact in all four key shipping markets, especially the freight market, so that their production, distribution, and trading targets are fulfilled.

  • Support

    Our support service identifies & separates threats from baseline activity to deal with low probability occurrences yet high cost outcomes.

  • Manage

    We help our clients manage contract and shipment performance while processing the risk and cost aspects of their shipping operation.

  • Innovate

    We develop ideas and analysis that produce new perspectives and services to benefit our clients.

  • Create

    ​​We create value to the marketplace by giving transparency and making it efficient, so companies can meet their respective needs.

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