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Congestion at Chinese ports may continue falling

06 November 2020

Wait times at coastal port anchorages in North China fell

Fifty-one less chemical and chemical/product tankers visited selected Chinese ports as Mid-Autumn celebrations slowed demand. Average time spent per vessel also fell for these Chinese ports, with most vessels spending about half a day less compared to the previous month. Vessels that travelled to Nantong and Zhangjiagang spent about a day less at port. Traffic at Mailiao worsened as 18 more vessels visited the area, leading to a 2-day increase in waiting times at anchorage. Congestion at Deendayal improved; vessels spent one day less in port. Wait times at anchorage in the ARA region also fell, leading to less time spent in Antwerp and Rotterdam. However, increased time spent at the Amsterdam berth resulted in overall time spent to rise for October. For more information, please refer to November’s issue of Monthly Port Congestion Report: Congestion at Chinese ports may continue falling.

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