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Shipbroker (Singapore)

Job Description

The Shipbroker acts as an intermediary between charterers and ship owners and is responsible for arranging the best possible deal for cargo rates, while ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. He assess the viability of new business opportunities and maintains a strong working relationship with existing clients and customers to ensure service standards are adhered to. He solves day-to-day issues and oversees the implementation of workflow improvements, guides and provides on-the-job coaching to the Trainee Shipbrokers.

  • Manage chartering broking activities
    • Find ships for specific employment
    • Analyse reports on sales and earnings
    • Ensure compliance with shipment regulations
    • Analyse reports on chartering activities and supply and demand of ships
    • Negotiate fixtures to facilitate chartering operations
    • Monitor the targets achieved against key performance indicators
    • Develop business unit plans
  • Grow chartering business
    • Analyse market data to identify business opportunities
    • Evaluate recommendations for potential business opportunities
    • Analyse risks of potential business opportunities
  • Manage business risks
    • Manage compliance to risk management frameworks, policies and processes
    • Analyse risk management data
  • Lead improvements to enhance efficiency
    • Oversee implementation of workflow improvements to improve efficiency
    • Assess viability of workflow improvements
  • Manage resource planning
    • Optimise utilisation of resources
    • Acquire and allocate resources to support operations
  • Service client accounts
    • Manage contracts with charterers, ship owners and other Shipbrokers within the team
    • Manage issues arising from servicing client accounts


Job Requirements

  • Diploma or Degree in Maritime-related discipline.
  • Fluent in English, Japanese and Korean to handle the Company’s business expansion into the Japanese and Korean markets.
  • Experienced in handling semi-refrigerated, fully-refrigerated and pressurised gas tanker operations and chartering.
  • Articulate and discuss ideas and persuade others to achieve common outcomes.
  • Detect and decipher emotions of others to manage interpersonal relationships in social situations.
  • Contribute to a positive and cooperative working environment by fulfilling own responsibilities and providing support to co-workers to achieve team goals.
  • Anticipate customer needs and expectations and elicit feedback from customers to improve service.


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